Silk print series

In the enchanting “Silk Print Series,” Dimitrios Xanthopoulos captures the essence of introspection and the vibrancy of day thoughts. These limited-edition prints, crafted with the finesse of silk print techniques, are a colorful homage to the wanderings of a daydreamer’s mind. Each piece is an intimate tableau, a vibrant snapshot of everyday moments as seen through the kaleidoscope of deep thought. Xanthopoulos weaves his daily observations and inner dialogues into a complex tapestry that resonates with the beautiful intricacies of a reflective state.

The series invites onlookers to pause and peer into the familiar yet profound experiences that captivate our gaze when we are lost in thought. Through his art, mundane realities are transformed into a palette of extraordinary imagination, offering a recognizably human experience that connects viewers to their own silent reveries. With “Silk Print series,” Dimitrios Xanthopoulos doesn’t just present art; he offers a mirror reflecting the layered and colorful journey of the contemplative soul, where each silk print is a window into the vivid world of daily thoughts made tangible.

Editions and Prices:

Silk print 32x45cm edition
€ 250 euro including shipping

Silk print 70x50cm edition
€ 350 euro including shipping