Greek Mythologies

The “Greek Mythologies” series by Dimitrios Xanthopoulos is a profound tribute to the narratives that form the bedrock of Hellenic culture. These large banner-like rice papers are adorned with the timeless tales of Greek gods and heroes, each story unfolding with the rhythmic continuity of an epic poem.

Xanthopoulos channels the essence of these ancient stories through his signature drawing style. His painted figures dance across the rice paper, capturing the dynamism and drama of classic mythology with a modern artistic sensibility. Displayed with distinction at the Allard Pierson Museum and later exhibited at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague, these works do not simply retell old myths; they re-enchant them, allowing viewers to wander through a continuous flow of intertwined narratives. Xanthopoulos invites us to explore a world where every stroke and symbol is a verse in a larger saga, a visual odyssey as enchanting and profound as the myths themselves.