Tree of Life Tree of light

In the “Tree of Life, Tree of Light” series, Dimitrios Xanthopoulos delves into the intricate beginnings of nature’s most evident life form – the tree. Mirroring the organic growth patterns of roots and branches, his art blossoms intuitively from the canvas’s center outwards. Employing a unique technique of painted oxidized copper leaves, Xanthopoulos crafts artworks that capture and embody light, bestowing upon them a luminous, lifelike quality. This series stands as a homage to the Tree of Life, encapsulating its essence in a fusion of light, texture, and color, and celebrating its foundational role in the tapestry of life.

Prices and Editions

Every artwork is a unique Edition and size ranging from 100x100cm, 90×110 to 120x160cm
Prices between 1500 and 2900